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dedication & rememberence

EMZA USA LLC was born of a vision.  The original founder a Palestinian born in the city of Nablus Dr. Zuhair Siddiq Abughazaleh worked for many years at acquiring the knowledge needed and the equity to start such a company. 


All of us here at EMZA USA LLC look up to him for guidance.  He was an inspiring man and generous one too.  He never turned anyone who asked for help away.  He believed that helping people was the ultimate reason for existence, and that his family and wife were the most important things to him. 


He worked hard and long hours to engrave his beliefs  in his children and in the people around him.  Failure was not an option for him.  He was determined to succeed.

To this day, he holds a special place in the lives and the hearts of all of people he touched. 


He was a Great man, a Great husband, and more importantly an Amazing father.

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