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Who We Are
who we are

EMZA USA LLC opened its first office in the United States in September 2005.  Initially based in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) market and Europe. 


The company was founded by a group of pharmacists and doctors whose vision was to decrease the disparities that resulted from inadequate health services due to inefficient supply of both medical and pharmaceutical products.

Despite various efforts by the health systems in the MENA region to improve their performance, the MENA region continues to face myriad challenges. Realizing this early on, EMZA USA LLC was founded to aid in these improvements.  We developed relationships with drug-manufacturing companies and to supply the numerous drugs needed to improve situations.

EMZA USA LLC has been involved in the Middle East market including Jordan and Libya in particular for a great number of years.  We have substantial relationships and extensive communications with local pharmacies, hospitals and ministries of Heath in Jordan, Iraq, Libya & Gulf region. We have the expertise and knowledge to get things started for you in  the MENA region.

We bring the word to you!

From The President
from the president

Dr. Ehab M. Zuhair Abughazaleh

Business Director

"Before expanding EMZA USA LLC, being a pharmacist in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region provided me with an inside look at the health sector, and the products available in that region.  What I found was that the most exclusive and effective products were highly in-demand, yet inaccessible.  That's why a group of other pharmacists, doctors and myself decided to put our hands together and start EMZA USA LLC.

The mission of the original founders is to attract the multitude of foreign pharmaceutical companies to enter the MENA market.  In order for that to happen, we started building our network of people in the various ministries, and governments to assist us in the speedy registration and approval of drugs.  

We have consistently been working on expanding our network and increasing our knowledge to better assist both our foreign business partners and our local consumers.

In addition, our mission did not just stop there, we continue to strive towards meeting other needs and addressing other arising difficulties.

Finally, in recognizing that the 400 million people at the MENA region are part of a thriving market that is ready for further development.  EMZA USA LLC promises that our mission will always center around addressing the arising needs of the MENA market. 

We promise to recruit the highest caliber of employees who will be able to support the kind of businesses we do, and provide our clients with the utmost level of customer service.  

All of us here at EMZA USA LLC.  look forward to a healthy and long-term relationship with you.  We also look forward to hearing from you and to helping your company achieve its business objectives within the MENA region."


Dr. Ehab M. Zuhair Abughazaleh

Business Director

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